To become a member of the Highland Cattle Society please download a Membership Form

New members who already own pedigree cattle are asked to register their fold name (herd prefix) when joining so that their cattle can be registered on our database. Breeders select their own fold names which are reserved exclusively provided a name is not already taken.

If you have any questions at all please contact the Society Office on 01786 446866





Subscription (effective 10th Jan 2019) Ex VAT Inc VAT
Life (VAT at 5.7%) £1566.70 £1656.00
Annual Subscription by Cheque or Cash (VAT at 5.7%) £92.54 £97.81
Annual Subscription by annual Direct Debit* £89.00 £94.57

By 10 monthly instalments (commencing 1st October) by Direct Debit*          £9.78 per month for 10 months



Associate (VAT at 5.7%) - Associate members are not eligible to register cattle in the Herd Book £30.27 £32.00
Joining Fee   (VAT at 20%) £20.83 £25.00
 Fold Name Registration Fee (VAT at 20%) £20.83 £25.00

Life membership is the current annual subscriptions multiplied by 18               *Other charges may apply for returned payments, alterations to DD details, etc    All New Members will be required to complete a Direct Debit mandate


Value Added Tax (VAT)

All members of the Society resident in the European Union must be charged VAT on goods and services supplied to them UNLESS they are registered for VAT. If this is so and it is applicable to your Highland cattle enterprise you must advise us of your VAT Registration Number when you join, otherwise you will be charged VAT on all Society invoices.

If you later register for VAT please advise us of your VAT number immediately.

Members cannot reclaim VAT on Invoices Issued by our Society before notification of their VAT number

Local Breeders' Clubs

The Society encourages the formation of local clubs to enable breeders to meet in their own locality. The clubs hold meetings throughout the year which include talks and demonstrations so newer members can have the chance to benefit from the knowledge of experienced breeders.

Contact Details for Breeders Clubs