Private Sales and Purchases

It is usually the responsibility of the seller to ensure that the Certificate of Pedigree and Ownership (CPO) is returned to the Society with the name of the new owner written on the reverse side.

Only when the certificate is received, with the transfer fee, can we issue a certificate with the name of the new owner.

The new owner must ensure that the Ministry tag and/or printed tattoo number on the Pedigree Certificate corresponds with the actual tag and/or tattoo in the animal's ear. If there is any discrepancy, contact the office of the Society immediately.

All the instructions for completing a transfer are given on the back of the CPO. Please read them - it's pretty straightforward. Don't forget to give the name of the bull if a female has been running with the bull, or is in calf at the time of sale. And don't forget to complete the Payment Notice, so that we know who is responsible for paying the Transfer Fee.

For further information regarding Private Terms and Conditions of Sale please visit the National Beef Association Website by clicking the link below:

Highland Breed