Highland Cattle Breeding

The Highland Cattle Society is committed to assisting its members to promote and publicise the breed as a serious commercial suckled beef producer. Much of the Society's advertising, promotion, and propaganda expenditure is aimed at commercial production and prospective producers who are profit orientated. Recent examples of breed literature emphasise the potential for profit.

Breeding Pedigree Highland Cattle
as a Profitable Commercial Enterprise

The Society has a network of breeders clubs and expert field officers to provide practical advice and assistance to producers.

Many breeders took advantage of the strong overseas market for pedigree Highland cattle by starting herds in the decade up to 1990, when the trade was abruptly terminated following the cessation of exports provoked by the BSE crisis.

The lead time in cattle breeding from start to production for sale can be four to five years, or longer. Many breeders have been caught by the ongoing crisis in the beef industry. At present, in common with every other participant in the beef production sector, Highland breeders are embroiled in a deeply depressed market.

Highland Breed

Throughout this period the Society has done everything possible to promote the breed commercially and assist members achieve profitability.

In 1996 the Society promoted a Beef Marketing Initiative with the incorporation of Highland Beef Limited, a company supported by individual members as shareholders and The Scottish Office under the auspices of the Marketing Development Scheme.

The Society was able to successfully demonstrate the viability of the breed in very difficult trading conditions, and secured approval of a six year business plan, partly funded by The Scottish Executive, which was designed to assist breeders achieve added value for their stock.

After five years many Highland beef producers have established a premium price for pure highland beef.