Membership Application Form

I wish to become a member of the Highland Cattle Society as under noted and I make this application to be admitted as a Member. I enclose my Subscription and Joining Fee and agree to comply with the Constitution, Rules and Regulations of the Society. I understand that my application requires the approval of the Council at their next meeting but that subscription dues are calculated from the date of this application being received by the Highland Cattle Society.

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Membership Details


Subscription Type

Fold Name

If you already own pedigree Highland Cattle it is important that you register your Fold Name when you join the Society. Provided your choice of Fold Name is acceptable to the Society it will be reserved for your exclusive use.

County Parish Holding Number

If known, please supply your County Parish Holding Number. If you own cattle but you do not know what these number is you should contact your local Ministry office.

Ministry Herd Mark

If known, please supply your Ministry Herd Mark. If you own cattle but you do not know what your number is you should contact your local Ministry office.

Gift Aid (See Notes)

I wish my subscription to the Society, for the current and future subscriptions, to be treated as GIFT AID until I notify you otherwise. I also confirm that I shall be paying UK income tax and/or capital gains tax in the current year at least equal to the amount of my subscription.

Security Check

Data Protection Act

Personal information about members is held on the Society’s database. This information may be published in the Highland Cattle Herd Book and other publications authorised by the Council of the Society.


Subscription (01/09/2016 until 31/08/2017) Ex VAT Inc VAT
Life (VAT at 5.7%) £1566.70 £1656.00
Annual (VAT at 5.7%) £87.04 £92.00
Associate (VAT at 5.7%) - Associate members are not eligible to register cattle in the Herd Book £30.27 £32.00
Joining Fee   (VAT at 20%) £20.83 £25.00
 Fold Name Registration Fee (VAT at 20%) £20.83 £25.00

Value Added Tax (VAT)

All members of the Society resident in the European Union must be charged VAT on goods and services supplied to them UNLESS they are registered for VAT. If this is so and it is applicable to your Highland cattle enterprise you must advise us of your VAT Registration Number when you join, otherwise you will be charged VAT on all Society invoices.

If you later register for VAT please advise us of your VAT number immediately.

Members cannot reclaim VAT on Invoices Issued by our Society before notification of their VAT number

Gift Aid

The Inland Revenue has come to the aid of non-profit-making organisations like ours with a scheme for charities that will allow us to treat you as a donor in respect of your membership subscriptions. Moreover, we can benefit from all subscriptions paid in the last 5 years, and into the future as the law stands now.

Gifting your subscription could hardly be easier - just complete the form at the bottom of the page and send it back to the office.

In practice this means that for every £1.00 donated through Gift Aid we can claim back 25p, so by using Gift Aid every pound you give helps your subscription go further.

So please Gift aid your subscription. Just read this form to make sure you are eligible, fill it in with your name and address and send it back to us.